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Thank you for visiting Alaskan Kitchen. We value your privacy, therefore, we employ measures to ensure that your personal information is protected while using this website. Please take time to go through the terms of this private policy to understand how we secure, treat, or use your private data.

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* Whenever you use this website, Alaskan Kitchen may need you to input your private data such as but not restricted to full birth name, mailing address, e-mail address, and contact numbers. Your personal data is utilized for the following purposes.

• Giving you with information that you may need
• Answering your questions
• Providing you updates and information that you may like
• Providing you with data and services that you have subscribed to
• Executing contracts between you and Alaskan Kitchen
• Enabling you to use the interactive capabilities of
• Sending notifications to you about modifications and updates in
• Initiating communication between you and The Alaskan Kitchen

* Alaskan Kitchen records your correspondence with us. This record is safeguarded under tight security and kept in utmost confidentiality. Your personal data is kept in password-protected secure servers that require several checks to achieve access. All data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized intrusion and extraction.

* Note that in spite of strict precautions and safeguards, sending information through the Internet always entails an inherent risk of interception. Alaskan Kitchen, therefore, does not guarantee full protection over the data that you send to us. You accept that sending personal information of any kind over the Internet is always at your own risk.

* Alaskan Kitchen may require to share your personal data to third parties to improve its services to you or to comply with legal obligations. Before doing so, however, Alaskan Kitchen will get in touch with you to ask for your permission.

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