Menu Ideas for a Beach Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding can be stressful because in most cases you are trying to meet both your ideal wedding and common wedding realities such as budget limitations, weather, venue, number of guests, finding suppliers, etc. If you are in Melbourne, one the most romantic options is a beach wedding venue. And with a lot of options especially in Brighton and St. Kilda area you will surely have a hard time deciding which one. Tripadvisor and similar review sites can help you narrow down options.

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Wedding Menu

One of the most crucial parts of the preparation process is the range of food and drinks to be served. There a lot of choices for beach wedding menu that can add a taste of the sea to your reception. So we’ve ran down a few ideas for you and your partner to choose from

• Cocktail – choosing the right cocktails can help set the mood. Cocktails should be ready when your guests arrived at the beach reception. Here are the 10 popular cocktail drinks you can choose from:

* Margarita
* Apple martini
* Long island iced tea
* Mojito
* Caipirinha
* Kir royale
* Mint julep
* Mimosa
* Bellini
* Cosmopolitan

• Appetizers – serve these mouthwatering appetizers during cocktail hour or before dinner:

* Raw iced oysters
* Scallop lollipops
* Sushi
* Crab/Fish cakes
* Tuna balls
* Coconut shrimps
* Grilled scallops
* Crab stuffed mushrooms
* Mini lobster rolls
* Shrimp potstickers

• Salads – awe your guests with these delicious and healthy salads

* Caesar salad with shrimp
* Spinach and smoked salmon salad with lemon-dill dressing
* Arugula salad with grilled squid and melon
* Escarole salad with clams and grilled corn
* Smoked trout salad with mustard dressing

• Soups – if you are not into salads, try these savory soups:

* Clam chowder
* Fish chowder
* Crab soup
* Miso soup
* Lobster bisque

• Entrees – the main dishes for your beach wedding menu.

* Roast pork
* Grilled fish
* Lemon braised chicken
* Steak
* Chicken barbeque
* Jamaican jerk

• Dessert – make your wedding menu extra sweet by serving the following:

* Cinnamon rolls
* Pudding
* Brownies
* Fruit tarts
* Berry parfaits

Before you decide on a menu, find out if your chosen venue also offers catering services. This will save you some time finding a caterer for your wedding. Reserve in advance and discuss the menu ideas with the caterer. If you are unsure about the caterer’s recommendations, you can ask them for a tasting.