How to cook Smoked Salmon Canapes

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Quick Easy Simple Recipe

Smoked Salmon Canapes 3ab05ec70_zHi! I am Sunita Rodrigues. Let’s apron up for some move, great meats on the run.

Let’s start with our Salmon Canapes. I just have some brown bread here, I am gonna cut off with my biscuit cutter. Cucumber and I am gonna slice it, place on top of these Canapes.

I have here some lovely pink Smoked Salmon. I just slice it up there, rolled it up and I am gonna place it on top of my Canapes. Add just a little bit of cream cheese and I am gonna put in just a small squeeze of Lime into my Cream Cheese.

I whisk this up, now quickly using two spoons, smoothly. Lovely Sundried Tomato, I just gonna quickly snip, just a little Sundried Tomato there to add that tangle flavor. Nothing goes better with any kind of fish than some Dill.

So, on top there and now I am gonna get platter and arrange it, as it so, nicely, simple, yet exotic. Smoked Salmon Canapes