Dinners at Your Door

The Alaskan Kitchen provides pre-prepared meals to households, boats, lodges and restaurants. Dinners at Your Door are delivered either HOT or packaged to simply  HEAT & SERVE yourself whenever you’re ready.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us about PERSONALIZED menus!

We can provide Lo-Carb, Lactose-free, Vegetarian, & other customized meals.

The Lodge Dinner
$38 Per Person

Choose one from each of the courses below:


  • Bacon wrapped Alaskan Halibut with Homemade Tartar Sauce or Chili grilled whole prawn skewers with fruit salsa

Choice of Bread

  • Salad/ Soup – Romain “Spears” with balsamic marinated onions and parmesan herb croutons with basiled Caesar
  • Salmon Chowder – Rustic chowder with potato, smoky corn and sourdough crostini


  • Chinook “Chateau Mignon” – Wild King Salmon with sweet grain mustard and roasted onion butter, garnished with smoked bacon lardons with Organic wild rice with fennel and sausage Or Porter Marinated Tri Tip Steak Marinated in “Homebrewed” Porter, with bleu cheese, pan seared mushrooms, and onionsHerb roasted new potatoes and roasted garlic


  • Cliché baked Alaskan with hazelnut ice cream
  • Baked organic berry cobbler a la mode

Build Your Own Meal From Our A La Carte Menu:

  • Appetizers- Bacon Wrapped Alaskan Halibut with Homemade Tartar Sauce – 5
  • Pepper-Seared Local Scallops with citrus butter and crisp greens – 9
  • Chili Grilled Whole Prawn Skewers with fruit salsa – 5
  • Halibut Ceviche Bowl with corn chips – 5

Build-It-Yourself Foccacia Pizza with your choice of three:

  • Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella, Parmesan,Olives, Tomatoes, Peppers, Reindeer Sausage, Italian Sausage, Ham, Turkey,Smoked Salmon or Shrimp add $3 – 12


  • The Alaskan Platter – Fresh Seafood tasting of Poached Prawns with Smokey Cocktail, Halibut Ceviche, Scallops with Fennel Slaw, Succulent Crab Legs, and Scotia-style Smoked Salmon with Caper Spread and Bagel Chips – 18
  • Succulent King Crab Platter – Half a Pound of King Crab per person with Sliced Lemons and Drawn Garlic Butter – 17
  • Wine and Dine Platter – Gourmet Cheeses and Seasonal Fruit with Marinated Olives, Herbed Crostini, and Smoked Sausage.We can pair your Cheeses with any Wine. 17
  • Cedar Planked Salmon – Whole King Salmon Filet served “On the Plank” with
    Whole fresh herbs, Topped with Scallions and Crème Fraiche Market Price- Priced per pound
  • Local Blue point oysters – With Mimmolette, Hot Sauce, Lemon and Crackers  – 18/ per dozen


  • Wild Seafood – Chinook “Chateau Mignon” , Wild King Salmon with sweet grain mustard and roasted onion butter,garnished with smoked bacon lardons – 18
  • “Paris of the Pacific” Halibut Papillote – Halibut steamed with fresh aromatics and vegetables in a paper pouch – 17
  • Ling Cod Vera “Kruz” – Cumin-dusted filet with fire-roasted pepper and green olive tapenade
    in a lemon-caper vermouth sauce- 18

From the Land

  • Sausage-Stuffed Pork Loin Roulade – With roasted apples, leeks and an applejack sauce 17
  • Tuscan Style Lamb Racks – Roasted with mustard and herbs then finished with oven dried tomatoes and a rosemary and roasted garlic pistou-22
  • Sea Salt Crusted Prime Rib – Slow roasted with herbs and spices and served with horseradish cream and rosemary beef jus – Call for pricing
  • Porter Marinated Tri-Tip Steak – Marinated in “Homebrewed” Porter, with bleu cheese,pan-seared mushrooms and grilled onion-18
  • Laquered Chicken – Orange-maple glazed half chicken with oven roasted vegatables – 15


  • Seafood Stuffed Cannelloni with Tomato Brie Fondue – 14
  • Lasagna Bolognese topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan – 13
  • Roasted Chili-Spiced Pork Tamale Pie with smoked tomato salsa and carrot escabeche -13
  • Chicken and Spinach Casserole with bacon and parmesan cheese – 13


  • Salmon Chowder – Rustic chowder with potato, smoky corn and sourdough crostini – 5
  • Smoked Tomato Bisque – 5
  • Soup of the Moment – Give us a call and we’ll tell you what’s fresh


  • Romaine Spears with balsamic-marinated onions, parmesan herb croutons and basiled Caesar – 10
  • Homestyle Greens – A mixture of chopped lettuces with marinated tomatoes, olives, bleu cheese and sweet red wine viniagrette – 10


  • Cast Iron Blackened Salmon – 4
  • Oven Roasted Chicken – 3
  • Pepper Seared Local Scallops – 5

Side Dishes

  • 2-3 Serving Each – Herb Roasted New Potatoes with Roasted Garlic – 4
  • Butter Whipped Potatoes – 5
  • Handmade Gnocchi with Truffle Butter and Sage- 7
  • Maple Laquered Sweet Potatoes -6
  • Organic Wild Rice with Fennel and Sausage – 5


  • Pan Roasted Fennel and Onion in a Buttery Balsamic-Herb Sauce – 6
  • Rosemary Seared and Roasted Cauliflower – 6
  • Garlicky Braised Hearty Greens – 5
  • Orange Honey Glazed Carrots- 5


  • Six Servings Each – “Homebrewed” Beer Bread with Honey Butter – 5
  • Rustica Loaf with Olive Oil and Garlic Bagna Cuda – 5
  • Garlic Sourdough with Fresh Basil Pesto – 5


  • Cliche Baked Alaskan with Hazelnut Ice Cream – 6
  • Cinnamon “Spiked” Cheesecake with Caramel Laquered Tart Apples – 5
  • Baked Organic Berry Cobbler ala Mode – 6
  • Fallen Chocolate Souffle with espresso-chocolate sauce and almond whip – 7
  • Poached Pear Turnovers with spiced red wine glaze – 6
  • Ask about custom desserts, including “You-dream-it, we-make-it” Ice Creams, Cheesecakes and more!

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast orders require 3 days notice – Breakfasts can be delivered in our boxes for personal meals under 5 people or buffet style with platters and/or chafing dishes for larger parties

  • Stuffed Croissant Sandwiches Filled with Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar Cheese and Bacon
  • Stuffed croissant sandwich with warm cinnamon apples and a fresh muffin
  • Steel cut oatmeal bowl served hot and creamy with cinnamon and raisins
  • Warm Belgian waffle with strawberries, whipped cream and real maple syrup
  • Grilled burrito with huevos ranchero, Southwest spiced potatoes and cheddar cheese served with Salsa fresca and chips
  • Buttermilk biscuits with country sausage gravy
  • Cinnamon dusted French toast with syrup and bacon
  • Toasted Bagel with cream cheese
  • Yogurt parfait Layered with Granola and berries

Warm Spanish Frittatas (omelet)

  • Roasted tomato, parmesan and fresh basil pesto
  • Baked honey ham and Tillamook cheddar cheese with peppers and onions
  • Smoked turkey, red onion and avocado with salsa fresca
  • Chorizo stuffed omelet with potatoes and cheese

Breakfast breads

  • Pear and pecan bread with fragrant citrus peel
  • Sweet cinnamon apple bread with vanilla icing
  • Warm Mocha coffee cake with cinnamon streusel
  • Assorted muffins
  • Cinnamon rolls

Meeting Platters

  • Fresh fruit breakfast platter with ripe melon, crisp apples, berries and a yoghurt dip
  • Assortment of fresh pastries which may include muffins, Biscotti, assorted small danish, cinnamon rolls, bagels with cream cheese, breakfast breads, and assorted bottled juices.
  • Assorted homemade breakfast bread platter with butter and homemade jam
  • Bagel platter* with a trio of whipped cream cheeses
  • *Can add Scotia style smoked salmon

Meeting Platters

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